This is the story about the little red boat and how it came to be as told to me by Ted D. someday soon
I hope to add the full story with details.

When the 458th landed in Vietnam it seems the unit was lacking many of the nicer things in life that a established unit could be expected to have such as real toilet paper on rolls (not the c-ration type)
Scrounging (beg, trade, or steal) was the order of the day. One of the better scroungers also had a talent for building small boats.

Which came first, the idea or the materials I'm not to sure but it seems that some plywood was borrowed one night, the next morning the borrowers woke to find that it was raining but that their understanding 1st Sgt had thoughtfully covered the plywood to keep it dry and I suspect just in case someone was looking for their plywood.

The story gets a little confusing as Ted explained how a LARC accidently ran over a jeep, seems the jeep ended up as a combat loss, to make the story a little more confusing when the jeep was shipped to the bone yard the engine had gotten lost.

The rest of the story is explained below

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